About Us

H is for Hope: Book Series is a book series that was created to encourage and inspire children to be GREAT through becoming responsible and respectful people in their communities. Our Books address the issues of self-improvement, self-care, and collective community responsibility focused toward a youthful audience. We think that it is very important to teach our children about personal value and self empowerment.

Our goal is to get at least one of our books in the hands of every child in the world through either the school districts, state/local health agencies, corporate community relations under-writing, direct donations, and of course direct sales.

We have 7 books slated for the series, puppets/skits, curriculum, and eventually a cartoon series.

Our objective is to help children understand the meaning of the phrase ‘Quality of Life’, so that they can learn to create a better ‘Quality of Life’ for themselves. Through our books and curriculum, we want children to learn about:
-Personal Hygiene
-Physical Fitness
-Social Responsibility
-Various Cultures/Languages
-Proper Emergency Response
-Basic Information Technology

In recent years, obesity has reached epidemic levels in children, reports of germs and flu viruses rapidly spreading through schools and communities due to poor hygiene habits (lack of basic hand washing), and the general lack of education about the importance of personal health and maintenance make it evident that books like ours are very necessary to spread information to youth to combat these issues. H is for Hope Books are designed to address those issues, and many more. Our books H is for Hygiene and H is for Healthy Diet are great tools for teaching children about personal health and hygiene, healthy eating habits, tips on foods to avoid, nutritional value of certain foods, and many more related topics.

Business owner turned children's books author and publisher. Keith Turner is the creator and author of all of the Books in the H series. Keith is an advocate for child care and children related development issues. He lives in St. Louis, MO, and serves as a board member for various youth organizations in the St. Louis area (St. Paul Saturdays, Bakari Institute, Accra Foundation, and more).

more details about Keith's passion to help children... In January 2007, Keith founded the H is for Hope: Book Series. With a small staff, Keith directs and manages H is for Hope, a sister company to TurnGroup that focuses on the publication of computer graphics-generated self-help books expressly for children and families.

Keith was raised in St. Louis, and returned after he graduated with Honors from Morehouse College in 1995. Since his return to St. Louis, Keith received the 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Urban League Young Professionals. He has also received other various awards for community service and activism.

Civic responsibility and community stewardship rank first among Keith’s ideals and objectives, and serve as primary anchors for his developing business interests. His public speaking engagements in 2007 included: Southwest Illinois College, Harris Stowe State University, Youth and Responsibility on MySpace, and various elementary and high schools. Recently, Keith was honored by the Annie Malone Children and Family Service Center for his commitment to community service for young people.

Keith says...
"I believe that it is important to teach our children about personal value and self empowerment. Children should know that what is put in their heads is more important than what is placed on their heads. They should know that it is more important to maintain your personal hygiene, have healthy eating habits, and help others than how much your gym shoes cost, the type of cars people drive, or the words to the latest rock song. Basically, we want our books to introduce to some children and reinforce for others the idea of a ‘True’ value system and personal quality of life. This is truly important in our lives! We want children to recognize that their importance is not based on money or material items, but the way they maintain and improve themselves personally through education, community service, personal maintenance, and much more. I hope that this book series empowers your children, and help to make them assets to our community and world!"

Keith Turner is available for speaking engagements. Email Info@HisforHopeBooks.com for more information.

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