To engage your child in books one has to buy engaging books. H is for Hope's primary goal is to provide all children with books illustrated to capture their attention.


Hope Books Presents: What YOU Should Do During an Emergency
Turnerís third childrenís book titled, Hope Books Presents: What YOU Should Do During An Emergency, addresses topics like CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, Fire Safety, Poison Control, and more. Turnerís third book, which was illustrated by nationally renowned illustrator Cbabi, uses the fun Hope characters, bright illustrations, and simple language to teach children ages 4 Ė 12 about emergency preparedness. The range of books stimulates reading skills and enthusiasm for learning. This is a great attitude to instill in children. It is the attitude that will carry them through grade school, university, online colleges , whatever academic path that they choose to pursue in the future. It will teach them that reading for pleasure is a fantastic hobby and educational too.

H is for Hygiene
is the first book published from the H is for Hope Book Series. This book is designed to instruct and encourage children from 3 - 12 years of age on how to wash and maintain bodily cleanliness on a daily basis. The book highlights the importance of showering, shampooing, brushing teeth, and much more. The book concludes with a review list that a child can use daily to ensure that he/she has completed his/her daily hygiene tasks.

Book Details: 6x9, Full Color Pages, 24 pages

H is for Healthy Diet -
This book is designed to instruct and encourage children from 4 - 12 years of age on how they should establish and maintain healthy eating habits to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The book discusses healthy diet tips, food pyramids, suggested meals, and more. This book also warns of foods not to eat, and features a glossary to help children understand many terms in the book.

H is for Helping Hand - (COMING SOON!)
This book was developed to demonstrate to and encourage children to be of service in their community. Illustrations show children cleaning in their neighborhoods, performing daily home chores, tutoring other children, resolving conflicts, and more.

H is for Hero - (COMING SOON!)
Our Hero Book helps children define the actual meaning of Hero. This book helps them identify people they see daily in their communities as Heroes, and explains why they are Heroes. It discusses why parents are heroes, police, firemen, and more are all heroes.

H is for HTML - (COMING SOON!)

H is for Habla Espanol?- (COMING SOON!)

H - Books Presents! How to Deal with Emergencies! (COMING SOON!)